Building Granny Flats In Mission Beach.

Why are granny flats in Mission Beach so popular?

It seems that building granny flats in mission beach is a common theme.  Perhaps its the holiday lifestyle of the place or the economic climate or even the practicality of having a second building on your property. 

The steel frame granny flat I’m working on now is going to atcheive the clients goal.  She recently moved to town and wanted a small, practical dwelling on her block of land.  Her idea is to live in the granny flat until she’s ready to build her main house.

I built another granny flat in Bingil Bay last year.  It is timber framed construction and bespoke designed.  The result has been very pleasing.  Its a lovely building that seems to settle into the rainforest backdrop. The client is very happy with the result and so am I.

An example of a Mission Beach Granny Flat

Exterior of our latest Granny flat at Mission Beach

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