April 11, 2016

Mission Beach Granny Flats– Do They Make Financial Sense?

Are you considering building a Mission Beach granny flat on your property? Want to know if doing so is a good investment? I’m Matt, a local Mission Beach carpenter.  I specialise in granny flats and, in this article, I’ll outline the benefits of investing in a Mission Beach granny flat. I’ll also take a look at the […]

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February 25, 2016

Hi-Pages or Home Improvement Pages

Working in association with Home Improvement Pages has been great.  When I first signed up with HI Pages I was working in Yeppoon.  I was amazed by how many leads were constantly pouring in.  Now I’m back in Mission Beach, at Wongaling beach and I dont get so many.  It certainly is an effective way […]

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January 29, 2016

Building Granny Flats In Mission Beach.

Why are granny flats in Mission Beach so popular? It seems that building granny flats in mission beach is a common theme.  Perhaps its the holiday lifestyle of the place or the economic climate or even the practicality of having a second building on your property.  The steel frame granny flat I’m working on now […]

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