Mission Beach Carpentry

Mission Beach CarpentryI did my carpentry apprenticeship later than most people and I’m happy to admit that as I think it gives me a unique perspective on why I am so passionate about Mission Beach Carpentry.

Here’s why:

I did my first carpentry job more than a decade ago and yet I still remember it clearly.

I had a friend who had been let down badly by his carpenter and he was in trouble.

He was fast running out of money and had two weeks to turn what looked a lot like a disaster zone into a pleasant home that he could rent – and get an income from.

He was in luck as a mutual mate of ours was a skilled carpenter and he was able to stop in.

Knowing how important it was for my mate, I took time off from my job as well.

The three of us worked massive hours over the next two weeks. Most days we started really early and finished really late.

And we did it.

We managed to transform a nightmare into an investment that did (and still does) make him money.

Spending all that time really kicked off a passion in me and so at the age of 29 I started looking around for an apprenticeship.

I could not have made a better decision!

I love each new project and the feeling of creating something out of raw material, something that is designed to stand the test of time.

So at the ripe old age of 29 I started a carpentry apprenticeship and I haven’t looked back.

I totally get how important the work I do is and I love building a trust up with my customers.

I get that renovations are expensive and I get you want high quality and high value.