Another Mission Beach renovation

One of the joys of being a carpenter is working with great timber and this mission beach renovation was no exception.

When I was approached by my landlord to build him a carport that matched his existing timber house, I knew that I’d have to use some high quality timber.

After doing some research and calling around, I determined that Red Iron Bark was going to be the best.  The carport was to have exposed timber, so I was needing it to be dressed all round.

I wanted to avoid the greenish tinge that timber treatment has before and after it’s dressed.  Most hardwoods are treated to kill the lictids in the sapwood.  Iron Bark is not susceptible to lictids and therefore doesn’t need treatment.

The timber that was delivered fresh from the mill was beautiful. Hard as nails and bright red.  It was a pleasure to work with.  The finished product looked great and the client was very happy with the result. He then asked me to renovate his other two dwellings on his property.

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