Renovation at Casuarina St, Mission Beach

When I bumped into my old mate Dave at the airport I was stoked. When he said he was looking for a builder to do a renovation at Casuarina St, Mission Beach,  I was delighted. We quickly made arrangements and the rest just fell into place.

I made sure that my trip around Oz was timed to finish with the start of his build.

It was meant to be and turned out to be a great Mission Beach Renovation.

The construction went well from day 1. The footings were enormous due to the reactive soil. We had to put down piers to 1.8 m.

When the 200 x 200 posts turned up we quickly realised we needed a franna crane. I plunge cut the stirrup recesses with the chainsaw. The Franna crane came and the post slotted in and were bolted off in no time.

Dave, his brother pat and I had a great time building his deck. We reckon the ticket to his success came from spending time after work sitting, looking,drinking beer. We plotted and schemed and planned our next day.

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