Vitorio Project: Building a dream plunge pool

Loved doing this project! The client, Mr Vitorio is an architect and was very specific in what he wanted. It was to complete their newly built house and he and his wife had been dreaming of this pool for 10 years since they moved into the place.

The house is set in a stunning rural location facing out over a sweeping vista of blood woods. Honestly, it’s gorgeous.

Their new plunge pool was a 3.6 m diameter reinforced concrete tube, set into the ground and rising to the height of the back deck.

Mr Vitorio wanted me to build the deck so that one third of the top was covered and the rest of the deck wrapped around the rim. We designed a semi complex system of suspended beams and extended joists to allow the decking above to follow the curve of the pool.

I love the result. It looks like the deck is suspended over the plunge pool and a can opener has neatly cut away the front edge. Great design Mr Vitorio !

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