Mission Beach Renovations – Working with Timber

One of the great things about working in the tablelands is the wide diversity of beautiful timber used in the local houses.
It is a geographical oddity, to have small towns surrounded by rainforest and hardwood forest.  Combine that with a long history of timber getting and local milling and you get an amazing range of valuable timber in the buildings on the tablelands.

Matt Macfie Renovation - Working with Timber
Pulling out studs can reveal Bull Oak (Cardwellia sublimus) or Brown Tulip Oak (Argyrodendron trifolioltum).  The chamfer boards reveal themselves to be Silver Silkwood or (Flindersia acuminata) below the paint.  The floor is Hoop Pine (Araucaria cunninghamii)  or Red Tulip Oak (Argyrodendron peralatum).

Matt Macfie Renovation - Working with Timber
Red Ceder (Toona ciliata) is a notable absence from the list of dignitaries, but my eyes are pealed for its arrival.

Matt Macfie Renovation - Working with Timber

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